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Eco-Tourism on Fraser Island: Doing our Part to Keep K’gari Beautiful

Fraser Island is located in the Great Sandy National Park, its natural beauty protected by Queensland state laws and National Park regulations. Fraser Island is also a World Heritage listed natural wonder, and as such of international significance. Most importantly, to us Fraser Island is the most beautiful place in the world (it’s our favourite backyard paradise, and some of us even call it home).

To us, keeping K’gari beautiful isn’t just a noble cause or a good business strategy, it’s an obligation. We want to share the wonders of Fraser Island with our visitors, make them aware of her fragile beauty, while doing everything we can to minimise the impact our tours have on her ecosystem.

Drop Bear Adventures Tours on Fraser Island have been certified by Ecotourism Australia, whose principles are in line with our beliefs: “Ecotourism is ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation”.[vc_gallery type=”image_grid” images=”4501,4505,4509,4513,4517,4521,4525,4529″]The things we do to reduce waste and conserve the Fraser Island environment on our eco-tours include:

  • camping in designated areas within the National Park
  • moving our camp regularly, allow the surrounding vegetation to regenerate
  • using sea water to pre-rinse dishes
  • sourcing food from local suppliers
  • using re-usable food and beverage containers
  • minimising and recycling waste
  • asking our guests to apply sunscreen well in advance before swimming in the lakes and streams to prevent water pollution
  • minimising the amount of luggage transported
  • …and more!

Another important aspect of sustainable tourism is cultural sensitivity and an awareness for the history of the original owners of K’gari. Our guides try to convey their respect and regard for that history by using the indigenous names for the island and its places and telling the dreamtime stores associated with them, without masking the dark chapters in the past of this island paradise. Our aim is for all visitors to come away from their Fraser Island tour with an understanding of and respect for this beautiful place and all the people who have lived here or have visited, and to preserve K’gari for all those who will set foot on her sands in future.