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Sweet Ride: Drive These 4WD Cars on Fraser Island

For many visitors, the highlight of their Australian holiday is driving on Fraser Island. Most of our guests have never driven a 4WD before, never mind driven on sand. Some timid drivers are a bit scared at the prospect of driving on an island that doesn’t have any roads, but by the end of the tour, most participants will have had their turn at the wheel. Whilst cruising the beach highway is a breeze (just watch out for the lapping waves and avoid the driftwood), once we head inland, your driving skills are required.

However, whether you get behind the wheel on the beach or in the soft inland sand, our Drop Bear tour guides will give you instructions before you set off. You will always be following a lead vehicle and as long as you follow your guide’s cues, you’ll be a 4WD pro in no time.

Of course, it helps that you will be driving our trusty fleet of Toyota Landcruisers , known by Queenslanders as the best cars for a a trip to Fraser Island or driving on sand anywhere in Australia.[vc_gallery type=”image_grid” images=”4489″ img_size=”847×400″]Our two manual Toyota Landcruiser Troop Carriers (or The Great White and Tukkee, as we like to call them) serve as lead cars. Both “Troopies” are fitted with radios and lift kits to give maximum clearance.

In addition, we (currently) have four Toyota Landcruiser 80 Series (automatics and manuals) as tag along cars. We have named them Silver Surfer, Red Rocket, Blue Marlin and The Govner. Ask your guides where their names came from! They all have electric windows, stereos and we usually carry several USB charger adapters, so you can charge your phones and iPods on the go!