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Whale Watching with Pacific Whale Foundation

Whale Watching with Pacific Whale Foundation


Us Drop Bears LOVE whale season and recently a couple of us were lucky enough to visit the Pacific Whale Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in Hervey Bay for an awesome afternoon of whale watching. With the season in full swing, it was a great opportunity for us to see these majestic mammals glide their way through the Bay, giving us an epic performance.

The Pacific Whale Foundation was founded in 1980 as an ‘organisation to protect oceans through science and advocacy’. Not only do they take people out to see these incredible creatures, but they also share an insight in to the research they carry out on humpback whales.

The whale watching trip consisted of about 20 of us and with a fair-sized boat, it meant no one would have to be pushing anybody overboard to get a glimpse of a whale out at sea. We were also lucky enough to have Scott as our skipper and Sarah as our naturalist, two of the teams dedicated staff members take us out to Platypus Bay, just of the west coast of K’gari, for an informative and fun afternoon out at sea.

We spent around 3 hours out at sea and were spoilt with the number of whales we saw during this time. PWF doesn’t chase the whales, they spot them from a far distance, slowly approach no more than 300 metres and then let the whales come closer to the boat at their own accord. There is no chasing down whales, disrupting their lives or following the whales in an inhumane way. If the whales get to within 300 metres, then the boat slows down and then if the whale approaches closer than 100 metres the boat is turned off until the whales decides to leave us.

Not only does the team show pure passion for these animals but they also show a dedication to our environment. We were so pleased to see no plastic cups or plastic bottles on board which as you know, is always a win with the Drop Bear team!

If you’re wanting to go whale watching and are keen to know where your money is being spent, then these guys are an awesome option. All profits from their cruises and their ocean store goes towards supporting the Foundation’s research, education and conservation programs, allowing them to continue with the inspiring work they are doing. You can now get 10% with Pacific Whale Foundation when you book a Drop Bear tour!

Thanks for an awesome afternoon team PWF!

For more information check out their social media pages & website :

PWF Website



P.S Sadly our camera skills weren’t quick enough to snap these beauties but stay tuned for an awesome video coming your way 😉