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Travelling for a Healthy Body, Mind and Soul

There’s no better place than Australia to travel and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. The flora and fauna of the landscape encourages activity and exploration! From luscious green rainforests, to dusty red outback, turquoise oceans to glorious mountain ranges you’ll get you body moving in all manner of environments. And with the perfect climate for growing its own produce you’ll have constant access to fresh fruit and veg to sustain a balanced diet and fuel your body for the myriad of adventurous activities. Beyond your healthy body the act of travelling in its own right is a massage for the mind and soul. Meeting new people, exchanging experiences, immersing yourself in others’ cultures, learning new things and challenging yourself daily supports positive mental health. This is something we always advocate on our Drop Bear Adventure Tours on Fraser Island We’ve come up with a few simple tips that can help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst travelling the most diverse continent in the world!

Being Active

Naturally you’ll do heaps of sightseeing whilst travelling. This will no doubt involve city walking, scrambling rougher terrains, hiking mountains and strolling sandy beaches. You can however invigorate your activity by aiming to add high intensity style (15-30 minute) workouts into your week. With access to the Internet you’ll find an excess of online videos from many a fitness guru. There are also a huge number of mobile applications available that can aid you in incorporating short bursts of movement into your day. You may also look to add activity that benefits the soul – a spot of Yoga at sunrise can have a rejuvenating effect for a healthy mind.

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating whilst travelling does not have to be a chore! With access to plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables it is not difficult to get a daily dose into your diet. It is a well-known fact that travellers resort to high carb, quick to cook dinners such as pasta and sauce. We are not saying don’t eat pasta, just try and add fresh vegetables to your pasta (peppers/capsicum, courgette/zucchini, tomatoes, peas, sweetcorn, onions.. the list goes on). Even better add a side salad too!

Drink Aware

When we refer to drink there are 2 types every traveller will be aware of – H20 and alcohol! Number one is ensuring you are consuming enough water. We all know the benefits of water so it is not our intention to lecture you on it, however your bottle of water should become your best friend particularly in the Australian heat. Number two is alcohol. Most of us enjoy an alcoholic beverage every now and then and it can be incredibly easy to get swept into an eternal drinking culture. Just be mindful of how much alcohol you are consuming and aim to give your body a break and recovery time. After all suffering a hangover in the Australian heat is not the most pleasant experience.

Seek to learn something new everyday

You are travelling for a reason – yes!? Seek to grow your mind and learn something new everyday. Whether this involves meeting new people, absorbing information from a guidebook, heading to a museum or learning of Australia’s aboriginal heritage, this will help you to gain the most satisfaction from your travelling experience.

The Full Healthy Body and Mind Package

Australia is home to some of the most infamous destinations on the planet and you will be spoilt for choice on which tour to choose. However you do have the choice to engage with tours that will give you a full balanced package meeting the needs of your body, mind and soul! At Drop Bear Adventures we not only deliver an inclusive super healthy, balanced, scrummy menu (no pasta in sight!), but we also aim to enable you to be active and immerse yourself in the history, culture and landscapes of K’gari (Fraser Island). You will learn of aboriginal dreamtime stories, the western history of the island and also of the beautiful landscape and creatures that make K’gari who she is today. Home to Australia’s purest breed of Dingo, Drop Bear Adventures is driven to preserve the environment and all the beautiful creatures that reside here.

We hope you find value in this blog on living healthy whilst travelling and for more great advice and tips on achieving a healthy mind and body check out Positive Health Wellness.