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The Cheapest Fraser Island Island Tour around: Drop Bear Volunteers

Want to go on a cheap K’gari Fraser Island Tour? Well, it doesn’t get any cheaper than absolutely FREE!

We are always looking for friendly, fun, hard-working volunteers to help us out with our tours. In exchange, you get to hang out on Fraser Island for a few weeks and go on a free Drop Bear Adventures Tour during your stay.

This is the perfect opportunity for a couple – or two friends travelling together –or someone keen to make friends, who want to go on a cheap Fraser Island Tour and don’t mind getting their hands dirty along the way.

Our volunteers do a wide variety of jobs for us, and the tasks involved can be adapted to the capabilities of the applicants. Usually, volunteers help us unpack the cars on arrival at the Eco Retreat, make beds and clean bathrooms, participate in meal preparation and cleanup after meals. Some general gardening and tidying are also a task.

Depending on your personal interests and specific skills, you could pitch in with PR and marketing support, writing for the blog, posting to our social media channels and taking pictures/filming videos for our website.

Any mechanical skills would also be a huge bonus. There is a bit of heavy lifting involved, but it’s by no means hard labor. You will be kept pretty busy most days, but there is always time for a stroll to the beach and a beer at the eco retreat at the end of the day.

We will put you up on K’gari Fraser Island at our Eco Retreat, feed you well and of course, all transfers to and from Fraser Island, your stay on the island and all meals are free of charge.

Best of all, we will treat you to a free tour of Fraser Island – and if we know our budget-conscious backpacker buddies, you will probably agree that free is even better than cheap!

Simply fill in the application form, explaining why you would be perfect for the job and you could be part of Team Drop Bear soon!