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Free WiFi on Fraser Island? Sorry, Mate – Time to Switch Off!

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Thankfully, it doesn’t happen too often, but every now and then, someone will ask us “is there free WiFi on Fraser Island?” We understand that nowadays, staying connected is an integral part of travelling and for many people, going online at least once a day is practically essential. On the other hand, there’s those who […]

The Best Noosa Backpackers – our Noosa Accommodation Tips

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It’s important to us that Drop Bear guests are well looked after on tour. We also like our guests to arrive in a relaxed fashion and look forward to a chilled out stay on the mainland after leaving the island. Whilst your wellbeing is in our hands during the trip, we do our best to […]

Fraser Island Beach Houses: Mobile Apps to Help You Find One

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Have you been dreaming about experiencing the fascinating Fraser Island and being overwhelmed by its stunning views as you relax by a beautiful beach house? Or perhaps staying at a private holiday retreat that offers a panoramic view of the Great Sandy Strait? Apparently, this need not be a dream anymore. You can easily turn […]

Fraser Island Accommodation… A Travellers Guide

Choosing the right accommodation when travelling is always a daunting task, but even more so if it’s Fraser Island you’re about to set foot on! The long, uninterrupted stretch of sand, brilliant waters, majestic flora and fauna, and exciting adrenaline-fuelled activities – you want to make sure you experience all of these when visiting Fraser […]