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Outdoor Adventure Australia – Walking the Walk

The team behind Outdoor Adventure Australia are passionate about providing enjoyable and educational Australian Adventures with a focus on client comfort and safety. Currently specialising in small group, multi day hiking/camping experiences within Queensland, they are about to push further into some innovative and truly awe inspiring multi-day, multi-activity adventures including abseiling, bike riding, kayaking, beach fishing and more.

Cramming as much fun, laughter and adventure into the days that you’re with them while at the same time affording the opportunity to re-connect with our natural environment and walk away with an amazing sense of fulfilment and achievement. It’s a big task, but this is what the founders of Outdoor Adventure Australia have been doing for a very long time.

A quick look at the biographies of the two founders of Outdoor Adventure Australia (Kris and Pru) will provide enough evidence that itchy feet occurs frequently for them and the desire to seek new adventure, knowledge and experiences both recreationally and vocationally usually outweighs common modern and burdensome thoughts such as job longevity.

Truth be told, the love for the outdoors and the Australian bush has probably been further fuelled by continually performing in corporate roles for most of their careers…nothing feeds the burning desire to get out into the wild more than staring at it through an office window. Eventually they couldn’t take it any longer and decided to apply their collective knowledge and experience to help others achieve the extraordinary in the Australian Outdoors.

Outdoor Adventure Australia are a one stop shop. They have designed their products to meet the needs of people who simply don’t want to or can’t undertake all the prep, planning, kitting up, risk management and subsequent cleaning associated with organising Outdoor Adventures. It’s also great for those who don’t want to lug all their adventure gear around with them if they’re on holidays or travelling long distances via plane. They provide you with everything that you need to have an incredible experience including;

Pickups and drop-offs in the remote areas that we operate
National Parks permits
All your gear (except clothes and personal items)
All your food
At least two experienced guides who are trained in first aid, food hygiene, risk management etc
Your tents and bedding on all nights
Their gear is regularly serviced and high quality so that the chances of failure are low and the probability of awesomeness is high.

If you want a truly challenging, immersive and Australian outdoor experience, check out www.outdooradventureaustralia.com