When Australian National Geographic Channel wanted to film on Fraser Island, they needed someone who knew the island like their own back yard. You know what happened next… They found Drop Bear Adventures and we were more than happy to show them the sights – and the most scenic locations.

Nick Saxon, host of National Geographic Channel’s World Traveller, usually spends his (filming) days travelling the globe, but for a special series of Land Rover’s Great Escapes, he got to explore a bit closer to home. Kitted out with a brand spanking new Land Rover, Nick and his crew set out to discover some of the Greatest Australian Escapes. Of course, with that sweet set of wheels, 4WD paradise Fraser Island was a must!

We got them started on 75-Mile Beach, cruising past some of our favourite spots, then took them inland to Lake McKenzie. We had to get there nice and early to beat the crowds, but it was worth it for Nick, who had the lake to himself for an early morning swim. The team also wanted to go beyond the well-trodden paths, so we brought them all the way up to Sandy Cape. The detour was a real treat for Team Drop Bear, as we rarely get to venture that far north. The whole trip was a great success, with amazing weather, great people and an impromptu beachside jam session featuring Nick Saxon and our resident muso Mark. Most importantly, the National Geographic Channel crew captured some of the most stunning Fraser Island footage we have ever seen. Whether you want to re-live your happy days on Fraser, or are itching to go one day, let the video take you to our island paradise…

Watch Land Rover’s Great Escape to Fraser Island on the National Geographic Channel website