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How to Travel Around Australia with a Pet

Traveling around Australia is a dream for many adventurers – and for pet owners, it’s definitely possible to go on this incredible journey with your furry friend! Australia offers a diverse range of landscapes, breathtaking natural wonders, and pet-friendly attractions. But be warned, traveling with a pet is more work – it requires careful planning, preparation, and consideration of their needs. Here are some things to consider about Australia pet travel to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip with your four-legged friend.


Before starting your journey, do lots of research on Australia pet travel, pet-friendly accommodation, transportation options, and attractions across Australia. Consider the climate, season, and local regulations of the areas you plan to visit. Make sure your pet’s health is up to scratch (pun intended) by visiting the vet for a check-up and getting any vaccinations before you go. You might also need to obtain necessary documents such as a health certificate and proof of microchipping.

Additionally, research the different activities and attractions you want to visit that are pet-friendly. Many national parks and protected areas have restrictions on pets, and you will likely find that pets are not allowed on certain hiking trails. There is typically a good reason for these restrictions – some areas have wildlife that is dangerous for pets, or vice versa. Some regions have plants or vegetation that could be seriously harmed by pets. Keep this in mind when choosing to travel with your pet, and planning your adventure. 

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Traveling by Road

If you choose to travel by road, make sure your pet is buckled up and comfortable in the vehicle. Invest in a pet carrier, harness, or crate to keep them safe during the journey. Take frequent breaks for your pet to stretch their legs, use the bathroom, and hydrate. It’s generally recommended to take break every two hours in Australia – but your pet may need breaks on a different schedule. Do not ever leave your pet unattended in a parked vehicle, especially during hot weather, as temperatures inside a car can rise dangerously high! And remember to pick up essential supplies like dog poo bags at regular intervals on your Australia pet travel so you can always pick up after your pet.

Traveling by Public Transport

australia pet travel guide Raoul Droog Ea8rp2ebp 4 Unsplash Traveling by road is definitely the best option if you’re traveling with a pet. Dogs are not allowed on most public transport in Australia – and restrictions vary by city and/or state, so you’ll need to do plenty of research if you have to travel on public transportation. Your pet’s size will also determine whether they’re allowed to travel on public transport: small dogs that can be contained in a carrier are generally allowed on buses in NSW, Victoria, and the ACT.  However, no pets are permitted on public transport in WA, SA, or Tasmania, regardless of their size. Dogs in Victoria can travel on some trains providing they are on a lead and wearing a muzzle. These restrictions can change quickly, so check the current policy for each destination you plan to visit – make sure you have the most up-to-date information before your Australia pet travel.


When booking accommodation, you’ll need to choose pet-friendly hotels, motels, or vacation rentals. Many establishments have specific policies regarding pets, such as additional fees or restrictions on pet size and breed. Contact the accommodation in advance to confirm their pet policies and make necessary arrangements. You might want to bring your pet’s bedding, toys, and familiar items to create a comfortable and familiar environment for them. If you’re choosing to camp, research whether specific campgrounds allow pets. Each campground – whether it’s a paid site or a free campsite – will have their own policy, so be sure to check in advance if you can bring your four-legged friend!

Pet-Friendly Attractions

How to Travel Around Australia with a Pet Alvan Nee Fhl79chxs6s Unsplash Australia has loads of pet-friendly attractions, including beaches, parks, and hiking trails. But it’s important to research and abide by the specific rules and regulations of each location. Keep your pet on a leash when required and always clean up after them. Some attractions may have designated off-leash areas where your pet can run and play, while others may have restrictions for the protection of wildlife or other visitors. While some beaches don’t allow any pets, some beaches might have off-leash areas for dogs – this is something you should check in advance. Restaurants, cafes, and bars will all have their own individual pet policies. Pets may be allowed indoors in specific sections, or allowed only if they stay in an outdoor area.

Health and Safety

Your pet’s health and safety will come first throughout your journey! Make sure they have access to clean water, food, and shade – especially during hot weather. Carry a pet first aid kit, including any necessary medications, tick and flea prevention products, and their regular food. Maintain a routine for feeding, exercise, and rest to minimize stress and anxiety. Depending on the beach, be aware of stingers that could potentially harm your pet. If you’re traveling with your pet long-term, be sure to factor any vet visits or check-ups into your travel schedule, and make appointments in advance to ensure they receive the necessary care they need.

Assistance Dogs

These tips focus on Australia pet travel. If you’re seeking information about traveling Australia with a hearing, guide, or assistance dog (or other support animal), policies will likely be different. It’s best to research accessibility, accommodation options, and attractions for this experience well in advance of your trip.

Australia pet travel: Where to Go?

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What are the best places to take your furry friend in Australia? Gold Coast (Queensland), Southwest WA, the South Coast (NSW), and the Great Ocean Road (Victoria) are some of the best pet-friendly destinations in Australia. They have lots of pet-friendly accommodation options and activities you can do with you four-legged friend!

Australia pet travel can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Bringing your four-legged friend along for an adventure can be amazing for the both of you! By doing thorough research, planning ahead, and prioritizing your pet’s needs, you can create lasting memories together – while still exploring the beautiful landscapes and attractions of Australia. Remember to always respect local regulations and be a responsible pet owner throughout your journey.