There’s a legend that says that at the end of the rainbow, a pot of gold guarded by a leprechaun can be found by whoever is lucky enough to discover it. Many people probably have attempted to search the rainbow’s end over the years, but whether they made themselves a fortune or not, we can only guess. What we at Drop Bear Adventures do know for sure though is that on the amazing Fraser Coast, at Rainbow Beach, there is also a pot of gold that awaits visitors, although not exactly the kind of treasure you have in mind.

The Gateway to Fraser Island

Dubbed as the “gateway to Fraser Island”, Rainbow Beach is one of the starting points of our famous 3-day Fraser Island tours. It also features and provides access to some of the most amazing natural treasures in the whole world, from unspoilt beaches, national parks, to freshwater lakes. According to WikiTravel, “The town was called Back Beach, but was renamed in 1969 into Rainbow Beach after the Coloured Sands”. The place was originally a sand mining town, until the industry ceased and the community gradually leaned towards tourism. Travellers who are joining one of our tours to Fraser Island can choose to start their trip from Rainbow Beach, Hervey Bay or Noosa.

Multi-Coloured Natural Wonder

Aside from The Pinnacles Coloured Sands, the Rainbow Beach Coloured Sands also showcase striking coloured sand dunes that are truly wonderful to behold. Walk south and you’ll find towering sand cliffs in a plethora of colours—orange, brown, pink, silver, gold and more. According to Sydney Morning Herald, “Erosion has exposed a palette of as many as 72 different coloured sands which have been produced by combinations of iron oxide and leached vegetable dyes.” Its colours can also be attributed to its rich content of minerals, such as zircon, monazite and rutile.

Nevertheless, there’s also an interesting Aboriginal legend about the formation of the sand dunes. Legend has it that the sands were coloured when Yiningie, a spirit which took the form of a rainbow, fought with an evil tribesman. “Entering into a fight over a young woman the spirit fell onto the cliffs infusing the sands with its polychromatic splendour”, says Our Rainbow Beach.

Nearby Attractions

Although Rainbow Beach is a small seaside town, the attractions and activities one can enjoy there are also surprisingly impressive. On the way to Fraser Island, you can also explore the following spots with us at Dropbear Adventures:
• Carlo Sand Blow – named by Captain Cook after one of his crew deck, Carlo, this 15 hectares unique sandmass is a must-visit spot on Rainbow Beach. As featured on Rainbow Beach Info, “The scenery from the top is just stunning with views of Double Island Point, Tin Can Bay and the coloured sands.” Visit during sunrise or sunset and be prepared to be taken in awe with its magnificent sights.
• Double Island Point – a great surfing and diving site, a magnet of bountiful marine life, and a great 4WD spot—is there any reason why shouldn’t visit Double Island Point?
• Inskip Point – According to Our Rainbow Beach, “Inskip Point, some 7-8 kms to the north of Rainbow Beach township, is now predominantly known for its Barge service to Fraser Island and its picturesque camping.” Fishing can also be enjoyed in the area.
• Cooloola National Park -The Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park offers plenty of opportunities for bushwalking, fishing, picnics and swimming. Rainbow Beach Info says, “Areas of interest include Seary’s Creek, Bymien picnic grounds, Lake Poona, Cooloola Great Walk and the Cooloola Wilderness Trail.”

The natural treasures found at Rainbow Beach are definitely worth more than any hidden pot of gold. Come and explore these natural wonders today by booking the perfect holiday with us at Dropbear Adventures!