East Coast Stopovers You Can’t Miss

Every road trip needs some cool places to see – our favorite 5 East Coast Trip Stopovers

Are you planning on finding some winter sun in the next few months? Then you’re probably looking at a map of the East Coast of Australia right now. When the temperatures drop in the southerly states, they remain balmy year round in Queensland. Which is exactly why travellers make a bee line for the East Coast once autumn arrives. It’s probably Australia’s best loved and most travelled route – from iconic Circular Quay in Sydney right up to the stunning Great Barrier Reef. But there is a lot to experience in between. Don’t miss these essential East Coast trip Stopovers on your journey to the sun this winter!

The Blue Mountains, Sydney’s Majestic Neighbour

Jacques Bopp Igmabomghr8 Unsplash

This stunning mountain range is a top stopover due to its close proximity to the Sydney CBD, just under 2 hours away by car. The Blue Mountains are a grand introduction to the natural wonders of Eastern Australia. They earn their name from the natural blue haze produced by their vast forests of eucalyptus trees. Stop here for excellent hiking trails, remote waterfalls and stunning views.  A special mention to  the famous Three Sisters rock formation.

Byron Bay, The East Coast’s Iconic Beachside Town

Eurong Beach Sunrise Storm 1

You’re more likely to bump into celebrities than hippies in Byron these days, but it still retains much of that alternative feel. Plus the beaches that dot the bay are some of the best on your East Coast trip. Stop over for a few days and learn to surf. People watch from one of the many vegan eateries (or burger joints) or take a hike to the most easterly point in Australia. “The Bay”, as its locally known, has been ground zero for Australian counter-culture for years and a must do stopover on your way up north.

Noosa, Laid Back Tropical Charm

noosa beach

Noosa is technically a series of villages, each with its own character. The one thing they all have in common is a laid back atmosphere and natural beauty in spades. From its cute independent shops to the miles of white sand beaches, lakes and national parks that surround it.  Noosa is a tropical town well worth a few days of your time. It is also home to the Noosa Everglades, one of only two everglade environments in the world (the other being in Florida, USA). It’s perfect for nature lovers or anyone who can’t help but feel happy about life, kayaking down a beautiful river. Noosa is also a jumping off point to our next can’t miss East Coast trip stopover.

K’gari Fraser Island, Untouched Beauty and Wild Dingoes

This World-Heritage listed sand island is the largest of its kind in the world and an absolute must see on your east coast trip. The unique landscapes of K’gari Fraser Island include pristine rainwater fed lakes, endemic wildlife seen nowhere else (the dingoes here are the purest strain of dingo in Australia). Not to forget endless wild beaches and a fascinating cultural history. Hike, camp, swim and explore this gem of an island. You’ll need a 4WD vehicle to get around.  So byo or  hire your own.   Alternatively you can join one of K’gari Fraser Island Adventure’s epic tours and let someone else do the driving.

The Whitsundays, Paradise Repeated 74 Times Over

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The Whitsunday Islands fulfil every travellers’ desert island dreams. Cruising through the turquoise waters and untouched beauty of these magical islands is unparalleled. Snorkel and dive the Great Barrier Reef, explore the islands on foot with a local guide and learn about the plants and animals that make the Whitsundays their home. Or, you know, just hit the beach. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

The East Coast has too many awe inspiring places to list here, but we reckon these are the best of the bunch. Take your time and enjoy every minute of your adventure! Follow us on our socials and share your favorite East Coast trip Stopovers!