Double Island Point

Double Island Point – a peaceful paradise you need to visit

Chances are you have heard of the world’s largest sand island, K’gari Fraser Island. But there is a place along the way that is well worth a day or 2 too but chances are you haven’t even heard of it.

Double Island Point, or DI as the locals call it, is a quiet paradise all of its own. Its located just 12km south of Rainbow Beach, one of the jumping off points for K’gari Fraser Island, which also makes it the perfect place to stop on your way to or from Fraser Island when you start your adventure in Noosa or during your stay in Rainbow Beach. It doesn’t have all that K’gari Fraser Island has to offer, but it is a gorgeous spot that offers great waves!

Surf Australia’s Longest Wave

surfing double island point

catching a fun tube!

Double Island Point boasts some impressive surf and the best part is, you’re likely to have the waves (mostly) to yourself. Much less visited than other surfing beaches along the coast, mainly because you need a 4WD to get there or to do a tour with Epic Adventures. Double Island Point’s waves are often free of crowds, well most of the time anyways. Double Island Point is also famous for having Australia’s longest, and safest, wave. So if you fancy yourself some surfing kudos get yourself to Noosa or Rainbow and hit the waves up at Double Island Point. Just be sure to watch for rocks and sharks, as always when you’re surfing.

Dive Into an Underwater Garden

Great Barrier Reef

Experienced and novice divers alike have been diving the waters around Double Island Point for years and it’s easy to see why. The pristine marine environment plays host to an amazing array of marine life such as Manta rays, Trevally, Wobblegong and various shark species such as Grey Nurse and Leopard. Wolf Rock, a formation of four volcanic pinnacles a short distance from the point is rated one of Australia’s top 10 dive spots. Other things to see during a Double Island Point dive include vertical gutters, swim throughs and overhanging ledges.

Visit Double Island Point Lighthouse

Dropbearadventure Lighthouse

Built way back in 1884, the Double Island Point lighthouse is pretty iconic in the area and is a beautiful reminder of the maritime history of this particular part of Queensland coastline. You won’t be able to climb to the top but it’s a vision nonetheless.

Go Fishing On Double Island Point

fishing double island point

Good news for recreational fishermen and women everywhere is that fishing is allowed on Double Island Point. Snapper, Coral Trout, Amberjack, Jobfish and more species swim the waters here. There are rules and limitations in place though so it’s important to check the Fisheries Queensland website before casting a line. Double Island Point is the only headland between the Noosa River mouth and inskip point, making it a great spot to fish.

4X4 Driving on Sand

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Double Island Point & Fraser Island dream combo. Fancy putting your 4WD skills to the test before you hit K’gari Fraser Island. Book a tour from Noosa with K’gari Fraser Island Adventures (our sista!) or hire a 4WD from Noosa, either way it’s all about departing from Noosa if you want the combo deal.