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Visit Australia Zoo from Noosa: 5 little-known facts about Australia’s most famous zoo

Australia Zoo is so much more than just a zoo. The award-winning wildlife park is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Australia and on the list of must-visit places in Queensland for most visitors. But no matter how much you’ve heard and read about Australia Zoo, you probably didn’t know all of these five little-known facts:

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Five Facts about Australia Zoo you probably didn’t know:

  1. Australia Zoo pre-dates Steve Irwin
    The name of this Aussie icon is indelibly linked with Australia Zoo and Steve Irwin’s family are still working to keep his legacy alive almost 10 years after his death. However, the wildlife park was originally founded as a reptile park by Steve’s parents Bob and Lyn Irwin in 1970. It was a far cry from today’s ginormous park, but the conservation and rehabilitation work that is so important to the success of the zoo today was already part of the founding philosophy back then.
  2. Australia Zoo is super expensive (but totally worth it!)
    There’s no denying that $59 for a ticket to the zoo is a lot of money. However, you do get a full day out (in fact, most people find that one day isn’t even enough time to see everything). If you book your zoo ticket with Drop Bear, we can arrange a neat package at a special price!
  3. There’s way more than cuddling a koala
    Anyone who ever saw the Crocodile Hunter knows that Steve Irwin believed in getting up close and personal with animals. We’ve all seen the pictures of tourists and celebrities posing with a cuddly Koala at Australia Zoo, but that’s only one out of over a dozen wildlife encounters offered, ranging from Echidnas and Wombats to Rhinos and Tigers.
  4. Australia Zoo has the largest Wildlife Hospital in the world
    The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital Rescue Unit collects sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife and cares for them until they are well enough to be released back into the wild.
  5. You can get in to Australia Zoo for free – as a volunteer
    To volunteer, you can download an application form from the Australia Zoo website. However, there’s no international volunteer programme, so applications can only be received from within Australia.

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