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Should we be renamed Dropbear Fraser Island Fishing Adventures??

Tour date: 31 Aug-2 Sept 2013 – 3 Day Fraser Island Adventure Tour

Fraser Island Fishing anyone??? What a great trip to K’gari.  The weather was great for us and the animals all came out to see us.  We were so lucky.

This trip will always be remembered for the greatest Fraser Island fishing trip Dropbear has ever seen.  We got to catch and eat our own Pippies (Wongs) and some huge fish that all the Aussie fisherman are jealous of.  Well done team.  Thanks for coming with Dropbear and sharing a great adventure.

Cheers, Troy and the Dropbear Team[vc_gallery type=”image_grid” images=”1038,1042,1046,1050,1054,1058,1062,1066,1070,1074,1078,1082,1086,1090,1094,1098,1102,1106,1110,1114,1118,1122,1126,1130,1134,1138,1142,1146,1150,1154,1158,1162,1166,1170,1174,1178,1182,1186,1190,1194,1198,1202,1206,1210,1214,1218,1222,1226,1230,1234,1238,1242,1246,1250,1254,1258,1262,1266,1270,1274,1278,1282,1286,1290,1294,1298″]