Locals supporting locals

Shopping local has always been very important to us so when we started our baby business we wanted to carry this through. So we set about to research where our food came from here in Queensland and how we could strike an effective balance in our business between our morals and our budget.

Sadly like with most things it always comes down to the budget of what we can afford. Anyone who loves shopping at farmers/health food shops will know that the ‘luxury’ of sustainable and environmental consciously produced food comes with a higher price tag and for a traveller, that is often unaffordable.

We had to decide what was most important to us in the short term and our loyalty to Aussie Farmers was the first thing that we wanted to make sure of so we designed our menu with this in mind; to make sure that it supported our country’s seasonal grown veggies and to buy it from a local business. We’re not a fan of supporting the supermarkets and their ridiculous markups/growing guidelines that they dictate to farmers all around the world!

Luckily for us we live in an incredible part of Australia where we literally have great produce on our doorstep. Even better, the Sunshine Coast is incredibly keen to promote farmers markets, buying local and supporting one another which makes it a whole lot easier and accessible. We work with some awesome, independent companies that support and supply us with the best produce for our tours and guests.

It can be hard to avoid the big supermarket chains, especially when you are on a budget but all you can do is try your best and buy local and plastic free whenever it is possible.