Learn to Surf in Noosa

No visit to Australia is complete without surfing, particularly if a visit to Queensland is on the agenda. Everyone who comes to Noosa for any amount of time has some sort of a surfer dream. For some it’s just to watch the locals surf, but most travellers want to at least attempt to surf themselves. Noosa is a great surf spot, with breaks to suit all abilities and one of the best surf schools in the country.

Merrick’s Learn to Surf was founded by former Australian and World Pro Am Surfing Champion Merrick Davis after he retired from the pro circuit in 1995. To this day, Merrick is still a hands on teacher, personally training the coaches who teach beginners in his name. We should know – our very own Mark was once a Merrick’s surf teacher before setting out on his own to found Drop Bear Adventures.

Learning to surf in Noosa is a breeze, thanks to the reliable breaks on the main beach and the idiot proof system taught by Merrick’s. They guarantee that every one can stand up within the first lesson and so far we’ve yet to see someone prove them wrong. Even if you decide that, ultimately surfing is not the sport for you, you’ll definitely have a lot of fun trying it – and one more unique Aussie adventure to add to your memories of Noosa.

If you book your Merrick’s Learn to Surf lesson as part of your Drop Bear Adventures Fraser Island tour out of Noosa, let us know and we’ll set you up with a special deal!