Fraser Island Shops Happy Valley

Fraser Island Shops and Bottle Shops

If you were going to a desert island, what would you bring with you? Whilst that may be an interesting philosophical question to ponder, thankfully it’s not a question you have to ask yourself when you join us on Fraser Island. Drop Bear Fraser Island tours are all inclusive, so you don’t have to worry about food and camping equipment. All you have to bring are the essentials detailed in our packing list and alcoholic beverages. We recommend that you buy alcohol at a bottle shop in Noosa, Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay the day before the tour, but if you are joining us on a Fraser Island tour from Noosa, you will get a final chance to visit the bottle shop in Rainbow Beach in case you forgot to buy alcohol in advance.Fraser Island Shop at Eurong

Should you forget something, there are several Fraser Island shops that stock all the essentials and bottle shops selling alcohol. However, be warned: Island shopping comes with a hefty price tag, so try to plan ahead and buy any alcohol, snacks and cosmetics you might need before heading to Fraser Island. Just in case you do feel the urge to splash out, we’ve listed all Fraser Island shops below.

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  • Eurong Beach Resort, Fraser Island Shops
    Our tours pass through the small beach resort several times and we usually find the time to stop at the shops for a treat. You can buy an ice cream, snacks or souvenirs from the shop, indulge in a fresh coffee or a pie at the bakery, or stock up on booze at the bottle shop, open seven days.
  • Happy Valley General Store
    On the second day of our Fraser Island tour, we stop off in Happy Valley (home to Fraser Island’s only flushing public toilets). The shop has a good selection of groceries and serves really good coffee, the bottle shops stocks a decent range of alcohol.
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  • Cathedrals on Fraser Shop
    We pass by Cathedral Beach on the second day of our Fraser Island tour, but we don’t usually stop there. The camp site has a shop Fraser Island bottle shop at Eurongstocking fresh groceries and a bottle shop with a good selection of alcoholic drinks.
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  • Orchid Beach Shop
    Orchid Beach is North of Waddy Point, which is further than our tours go, but if you ever find yourself that far up the island, the shop at Orchid Beach stocks essentials and fuel. There is no bottle shop. Kingfisher Bay Resort , Fraser Island Shops Our tours don’t pass by Kingfisher Bay Resort, which is located on the Western side of Fraser Island, far from any of the attractions we visit. The shop stocks souvenirs and all the essentials and you can buy alcohol at the bottle shop.