Content Creation in return for FREE Tours!

Content creation in return for free tours! Yes you heard it right! If you’re a content creator, then this could make your day as you now have the chance to collaborate with our awesome team at Drop Bear Adventures! In exchange for your content sharing via social media channels you will be delivered an exciting, adventure packed free, (yep free!) tour experience to K’gari!! If you’re a blogger, blogger, videographer or photographer then you’ll want to read on.

Are you epic at content creation?

So, the big question?! Are you passionate about creating content?! If your niche is videography, photography, blogging or vlogging and you’re a social media starlet with 10K + Instagram followers and 20K + Facebook followers then you’ve got an edge and we would like to hear from you. Work with us, have the trip of a lifetime and perhaps even grab the opportunity for more FREE adventures through our partners at Bare Travels!

Winter wonderland

We only offer these sorts of collaborations in winter as it’s the best time to see the island and all its fabulousness. Winter K’gari is just great, the weather is perfect with warm sunny days and no worries of scorching in the summer’s sun! Winter is the time of year that wildlife comes out to play too! The sea will be brimming with life from sharks to dolphins, turtles to humpback whales all just metres off the shores of K’gari. Life on land is also plentiful; echidnas, sea eagles, spiders, snakes, goannas and of course our favourite the dingo!

Come on eager beavers it’s time to inspire

Don’t be a stranger. If you’re iPhone obsessed, passionate about creating content and live for the gram we would love to hear from you. Contact us outlining why you would be the perfect fit and get those creative juices flowing!