Whilst all your food and hotel linens are provided, you still need to remember to bring a few essentials with you when coming on tour with Drop Bear Adventures!

A small backpack

Swim wear

Driver’s License! (You won’t be able to drive you if forget to bring this!)


A haT

A jumper and a raincoat (Winter months only)

1 litre reusable water bottle (we supply water!)

A beach towel


Insect repellant (nov-mar)

Your camera!

Any alcohol or snacks you may want (please bring only cans or plastic bottles, glass can easily break on the way up to the Island due to the rough conditions)… the island is very expensive

We provide all your main meals from lunch on day 1 right through to lunch on the last day and there’s always plenty of it!

If you are starting your tour with us in Noosa and ending it in Rainbow Beach, or vice versa, then you need to bring your entire backpack with you. This needs to be booked in advance when booking your tour as we are limited on space. You will still need to bring a small bag with your essentials as your large bag may not always be accessible during the tour.