Experience Australias Oldest Living Culture

Greetings from the homelands of the Undumbi tribal people within the Kabi Kabi Nation. With sound family knowledge and strong oral history which links back to the late 1700’s. Biral Tours offers a genuine, unique and an authentic tour of the sacred tribal lands and waterways within the Sunshine Coast Region.

Within the Kabi Kabi Nation each family group or traditional owner have their own sovereign story to tell.  And like Tais’ tribal name, his family culture and spiritual dreamtime story is now being shown and told.

‘Allow The Scales Of Your Eyes To Be Broken Away’ – Tais K’Reala Randanpi

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2hr Visit Of One Sacred Site

Hear the spiritual dreamtime story and connect to country, go on a bush walkabout tour along a sacred waterway, and view images or faces of the old people in the forest or trees.

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4hr Visit Of Four Sacred Sites

Experience a special traditional family cultural & spiritual water ceremony as you journey through time and natures magic with every step you take on these ancient lands.

Spent a day with Tais
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Overnight camp on traditional land

Experience an overnight camp like no other. You’ll feel welcomed and blessed to be on traditional land yarning around a campfire with Tais. A truly magical night under the stares. 

Cultural camping
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