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How to find the best backpacker jobs in Australia

Think of backpacker jobs in Australia and you might think low paid and difficult work, with long hours for little reward both in experience and money. But as is the case everywhere, this is both true and not true, and it all depends on the employer, the location and the job itself.

Here Are Top Tips and Advice on Finding the best Backpacker Jobs!

Knowing your own skill set and what sets you apart from the crowd when looking for backpacker jobs in Australia is the first step toward the right job for you. If you make a living at home fixing cars for example, don’t think you can’t do that exact same thing while travelling. While most backpacker jobs in Australia centre around industries such as hospitality, farm work and office jobs, there will still be plenty of other businesses out there who need casual workers. Anything from hair salons to garages, marketing agencies to childcare services.

You might also be on the look out for unsalaried volunteer positions; work that is rewarding in other ways. There are always plenty of organisations who welcome volunteers with open arms.

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Regional vs. city work – what to expect and where to look for such backpacker jobs in Australia

Deciding if you want city or regional work may depend on whether you intend to secure a second year working holiday visa extension, in which case you need to complete 3 months of seasonal work prior to applying. Recent changes have meant that more locations are included in the permitted regions list including certain parts of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia as well as anywhere in South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

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When it comes to backpacker jobs in rural Australia, you can expect to be picking and packing fruit and vegetables, or working on animal farms including dairy farms and cattle stations. The jobs can be tough but rewarding and often offer an interesting insight into rural Australian life, just make sure you check out the employer’s reviews online ( is a good resource) before applying to make sure they’re legit. 

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The other big advantage of working regional jobs is that many include accommodation (which is  rare for city jobs). Identify where you want to be and check local listings online. Gumtree, Facebook and backpacker jobs in Australia sites such as backpacker job board are great sources of information. 


If it’s city work you want, you can expect to receive a higher salary and have more varied jobs to choose from. Get your resume up to scratch and browse job sites such as LinkedIn, setting up alerts for the kind of work you’re looking for. Always ask around locally and identify companies you’d like to work for and approach them directly. Hostels, especially the staff, are another good source of information.


Volunteer and have an experience to remember

When it comes to backpacker jobs in Australia, some of the very best don’t pay a salary but do give you the chance to have a once in a lifetime experience. Are you a keen rider and always dreamed of working with beautiful horses on a stud farm, for example? Or have a passion for marine conservation but don’t have a science degree? There are so many charities and other organisations who would be thrilled to have you on board, and many pay for expenses and meals, and sometimes even offer free accommodation too. Check out for listings all over the country.

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