Due to the global pandemic that you may have heard about, we Drop Bear’s have had to make some changes to way we do thing around here. Great news for you, we are still running tours and are as passionate as ever about helping you escape to paradise. Though our scheduled tours have all been suspended until further notice, there is a silver lining to this black cloud, all our tours are now only being offered as exclusive private charters. Don’t worry, we are still super budget conscious and it wont cost you an arm or a leg to book a completely tailored tour. 

Our Fraser Island Tours offer a truly unique 4WD adventure. On our tours you can have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of Australia’s famous Toyota 4WD’s, camp under the stars, throw a boomerang, try your hand at playing the didgeridoo, swim in beautiful freshwater lakes, stroll through ancient rainforest that is entirely unique to the island and all while knowing that you are in great company with Team Drop Bear. We know that choosing a good tour can be tricky, but you can trust in our reputation. We will look after you from the get go with great food, reliable 4WD’s, no hidden costs and a tour guide that we guarantee will be the most passionate guide you have ever met!

Our 3 day tours are at our Wilderness camp which is situated just behind the foredunes of 75 Mile Beach. With 3 Days to explore the world’s largest sand island, you will get to explore the best sights on the island from the infamous Lake McKenzie to the bubbling Champagne Pools. Fancy a private trip? Then get in touch with us directly regarding our private charters to K’gari – Fraser Island.

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