The K’gari Fraser Island Adventures Group is home to the island #1 Tour company, Drop Bear Adventures and the #1 Accommodation facility on the island,  Beachcamp Eco Retreat. Two companies built on passion and dedication founded by islanders Mark and Hana. We are passionate about protecting and sharing the islands natural wonders and dedicated to the hard work it takes to make a true difference. We provide unique tours of K’gari – Fraser Island, sharing it in a way with our visitors like no other. The ultimate in Adventure & Family tours, Nature escapes & Conservation experiences, and Girls & Romantic getaways.

If you’re still unsure whether we’re the company for you then maybe give us a ring and speak to a member of our friendly team. We’re always happy to recommend other tour companies if you feel that we aren’t the right tour for you. Or check out our 5 star Trip Advisor reviews : )

The best way to book is always to BOOK DIRECT! Let’s face it, we all know how it works, the farmer gets shafted by the supermarket, the factory gets screwed by the retailer and travel is no different; the supplier gets shafted by the travel agent. 

Now thats not to say that BOOKING WITH A TRAVEL AGENT is always a bad thing. If you are planning a big trip around Australia we would 100% advice using a good travel agent. The problem is, good travel agents are hard to find, they don’t get rated like tour operators do. You’ll be lucky to find a few google or facebook reviews on travel agents. This is why we have put together a list of great travel agents to help get you started. 

It’s also worth nothing that booking direct with us also gives you a few more bonuses when it comes to terms and conditions of booking. If you book direct you are subject to our terms and conditions which allow you to change your travel date 2 times FREE of charge (unless you are within 10 days of your travel date) and a get a full refund if covid prevents you from travelling. BOOK HERE NOW!

The price you pay for your tour includes EVERYTHING! Food, water, accommodation at Wilderness Camp (including all camping gear such as sleeping bags, pillows, linens, mattresses) or in our Beachcamp Cabins (including all linens and ensuites), National Park fees, third party insurance, permits and return ferry tickets, reliable Toyota Landcruiser 4WD vehicles, and an extremely experienced and passionate tour guide. The only thing not included is any alcohol you might like to bring.

No. The only additional costs will be if you choose to bring alcohol or wish to purchase a souvenir or ice cream from the island shop : )

Cancellation policy for bookings: Any changes to travel dates will incur a $50 admin fee per person. All bookings cancelled/changed with less than 10 full calendar days notice prior to your booked travel date will incur a 50% charge of the total ticket price. All bookings cancelled/changed with less than 72 hours notice or failure to board the tour will incur a 100% cancellation fee unless your agent sells the seat/s to another guest/s prior to the tour departure. An administration fee of $100 will be charged per person for all cancelled booking outside the 10 day notice period. Please see our Terms & Conditions page for details.

If you have a full/open drivers licence, are over 21 and passed your driving test more than 12 months ago you can drive a Drop Bear 4WD. You need to have the Photo ID Card Licence with you and if your licence is not written in English or states ‘Drivers Licence’ on it in English you will need to provide an international translation. Please note that you cannot drive if you just have an international translation. You must have your physical licence with you as it is illegal to drive in Queensland without having your licence. If the police stop you on Fraser Island the fines can be very hefty and we don’t want you to pay the government any of your holiday spending money.

No. It’s okay if you don’t want to drive, every pilot needs a good co-pilot to bust out the best tunes and handle walkie talkie communications.

Driving any vehicle requires safe practises regardless of where you are driving and we do everything we can to make sure that our adventures together are as safe as possible. Your tour guide will conduct a detailed safety briefing on the morning of your tour as well as showing a government safety video depicting best 4WDriving practises. All Drop Bear tag along cars are in constant 4WD and have been rated as one of Australia’s most reliable and safe vehicles, the Toyota Landcruiser 80 series. You are also in constant contact with your guide via walkie talking and are never more than 500m behind the lead vehicle. So rest easy little traveller, we’ll look out for you on your island adventure.

Let’s talk about the weather… it’s a bugger when it rains on your holidays we know that but we also know from years of experience that you can have so much fun in the rain. The rain brings the wildlife out and brings life to all the plants on the island. It fills up our lakes and hardens our tracks. We just love rain on Fraser and will help you plan an amazing itinerary that takes the weather, tides and season into consideration. 

If the weather is really bad, and by really bad we mean cyclonic conditions and it is just unsafe to travel to the island we will most certainly contact you to arrange postponing your trip or refunding your deposit. 

Please see our full terms and conditions for our full bad weather policy.

But don’t fear, our camping and glamping experiences haven’t been designed by some novelty campers, instead designed by our very own Poppa Bear who has 30+ years of adventuring experience under his belt. A little rain and wind won’t dampen our spirits and if the weather gets really hairy we always have a Plan B with our various accommodation options.

You don’t need to, we take you there. All 4WD tours pick up from Noosa and Rainbow Beach and go to Fraser Island. Both these towns are easily accessible by car, bus, rail and/or air.

All photos taken on your tour with us will get uploaded to our Flickr account and then a direct link for each individual tour is shared on our Facebook page. All photos are free for you to download and share 🙂 The link to our direct page is here 

Yes! It’s the perfect way to get a free trip further North or South to carry on your travels after your Drop Bear tour. Bring all your luggage when we pick you up and we will transfer it for you to your end destination.

You can change your pick up location up to 24 hours before your tour departs! Ring the team or drop us an email with your changed pick up location and we’ll make sure you’re not forgotten!

Not to worry! You change your pick up location up to 24 hours before your tour departs. If you are unsure where you are going to be staying when you make your booking then just select a random pick up point from the list and ring/email when you know.

We only pick up from main accommodation facilities in Noosa and one central location in Rainbow Beach.  We do not pick up from residential addresses or Air BnBs. Ring the team and we can check which nearest pick up location is to where you are staying.

If you are ending your tour in Rainbow Beach and wish to catch a bus to Airlie Beach then you should be able to make it the same day the tour ends. We always aim to be back between 3pm-3.30pm for our Rainbow Beach drop offs but we can’t 100% guarantee this all the time.

We unfortunately don’t offer a pick up service from Hervey Bay as it is too far North. There is morning bus that leaves Hervey Bay and gets into Rainbow Beach in time for our tour but note this cannot be guaranteed.

If you want to get to Hervey Bay after your trip you can catch the late afternoon bus from Rainbow Beach that will get you into Hervey Bay early evening.

We offer FREE parking at our depot near Noosa so if you are starting and returning to Noosa then this is an option you can select when you book your tour on our website.

If you are starting and ending in Rainbow Beach then there is free parking on the road near the Shell Petrol Station.

At Drop Bear Adventures we pride ourselves on being able to cater for each individual guests requirements. If you wish to stay longer on the island, then this is something we arrange for you, but please note that logistically this can add significant expense to your trip.

Additional costs would include; taxi service, ferry ticket & the extra nights accommodation at our Beachcamp Eco Retreat.

If you are over 25 years old and have held a driver’s license for more than 3 years then head over to our sister company here to check out our self-drive 4WD hire options and accommodation packages.

In short NO. You only need a small weekend bag for the trip and it’s best to pack light but if you are getting dropped off in a different location to where you got picked up from of course we will transfer your luggage with you FREE of charge. We also offer FREE luggage storage at our depot near Noosa if you are starting and returning to Noosa. Try to keep your luggage to 1 bag weighing no more than 10kg.

Most accommodation places will offer free luggage storage or charge a small fee. We also offer free luggage storage at our depot near Noosa too. 

You only need a small bag with all the essentials for your time on tour with us.

Some of our tours are suitable for kids but not infants. Our Conservation Experience is suitable for kids 10+ years and our Family Adventures are recommended for families with kids 3+ years. If you have any questions about travelling K’gari Fraser Island with your children it’s best to give us a call on +61 487 333 606. We can also help you arrange a self-guided experience.

In no way are we an 18-30 tour, nor do we discriminate against any age group. We just make recommendations but honestly if any of our tours are your kind of thing welcome aboard.

With a range of tours that offer various accommodation and catering options you are bound to find something for you. From family trips to couples retreats, there is something for every nature lover.

We cater for all dietary requirements so whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, dairy free or even a chicken eating vegetarian, we’ve got you covered! You can select your dietary requirement when you go through the booking process. 

STOP, HELP! Hey when you are selecting your dietary preferences, spare a thought for our planet. We offer some super tasty vegetarian options that are good for you, help us to reduce our carbon footprint AND help the planet!

If you wish to bring alcohol along then you must provide this yourself. Please avoid bringing anything in glass as this can break on the journey up to the island.

K’gari Fraser Island has some of the freshest water in the world!! Please don’t bring along plastic bottles, we pick so many up off the beach and with only around 20% actually being recycled is a dam shame to use them. Bring along your reusable water bottle and drink up the beautiful water this island has to offer!

K’gari Fraser Island has some of the freshest water in the world!! Please don’t bring along plastic bottles, we pick so many up off the beach and with only around 20% actually being recycled is a shame to use them. Bring along your reusable water bottle and drink up the beautiful water this island has to offer!

You need to be prepared for all weather conditions when visiting Fraser Island so it’s always a good idea to bring:

  • A small backpack
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Swim wear
  • Warm jumper and a raincoat (for Winter months)
  • 1 litre REUSABLE water bottle
  • Beach towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent (Nov-Mar)
  • Your camera!
  • …and any alcohol or snacks you may want (there are shops on the island, but they are very expensive!)

We are the only tour company to email you a link to the government safety video that you are required to watch before embarking on a self drive adventure to K’gari Fraser Island. In exchange for the convenience you must complete a short questionnaire about the video.

All our tours are considered as small group touring ranging from 10 to 22 guests.

It’s best to check our tours calendar on our booking page for all tour departures.

We don’t have a campsite that you can pitch a tent at, we provide all the gear so you can pack light and avoid the pack up at the end of your holiday. You can leave any of your camping equipment in storage at our depot near Noosa.

We offer free storage at our HQ in Noosa if you need a space to keep your camping gear safe whilst on tour with us.

If you’re a solo traveller and don’t want to share you accommodation space with other adventurers, you can always request Private or Glamping upgrades via the booking process or by calling us on +61 487 333 606 (subject to availability).

We have lots of Glamping Tents and Wilderness tents available and they all come in different shapes and sizes but our biggest Glamping tent sleeps 6 and our biggest pitchable tent sleeps 4.

Being a small business that has weathered many challenges in recent years we are unable to offer discount on our tours and accommodation unless you are booking as a group.

Our price reflects the quality of our tours and discounting would affect this. We put everything in to making sure our product is perfect for our wonderful guests and the cost is as low as it can be without compromising your experience of K’gari. We can assure you that every cent spent goes back in to our tours so we can continue to be the best.

Yeah too easy, you just have to book a big enough group to guarantee the use of the vehicle exclusively. We offer this or groups of 5-7 pax and if there is more than 10 of you we may be able to offer a private tour for you all!

We can always be a little flexible with pick up times but if you are late and this starts to impact our other guests experience we will have no choice to leave you behind, so please don’t be late. If you or indeed if we are any later than 10 minutes please give us a call/txt us on +61 487 333 606.

Along with its natural beauty, Fraser Island also has some natural dangers and if you don’t know what your doing it can be an unforgettable experience for the wrong reasons. However, a guided tour is definitely the safest way to see the wonders of Fraser Island and all our guides are fully educated about Australia’s wildlife and what to look out for to keep you safe. They are also very experienced drivers, specialising in 4WD driving on rough terrain and all have current certificates, licenses and first aid skills.

There is some walking, but not an excessive amount. The longest walk is approximately 45 minutes (one way), at a relaxed pace so you can enjoy the scenery. We do recommend comfortable footwear, but hiking boots are not 100% necessary so if you don’t have any don’t worry. Thongs/flip flops are okay but you may also want a closed in shoe, especially in the winter months.

If you are group of 10 or more people then we can arrange a private tour for you. Simply complete an enquiry form on our Contact Us page and we will get back to you with some further detail on how we can tailor the perfect adventure tour to you.

October – April we are the busiest and so it is always best to book as early as possible. It’s best to book any tour at least 2 weeks in advance during these months so to avoid disappointment. We understand with Covid that this can be a little trickier to be certain of but rest assured we do offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are unable to travel due to border restrictions.

Simply get in touch with our friendly team via email or phone and we’ll be more than happy to help answer any further questions or for you to tap further into our wealth of knowledge : )