Joining the core volunteer group for the community beach clean up is the best way to be part of this amazing event, but of course we’re bias because we’re the hosts. Each year Drop Bear Adventures and The Beachcamp on K’gari (also our baby) hosts a core group of 60 volunteers. All food, accommodation and transport is included when you sign up for this option but be warned, this is only for the strongest of eco warriors! 

If you are a local to the island, a tour operator or a regular visitor, don’t be shy, you can get involved too. Our big beach clean up day is on the 26th October from 10am to 3pm and we would love to see you join the in too. So if you are on the island or on a tour please get involved and sign up online. You will receive a instruction pack 30 days before the event with all the details you need to know to join in with this amazing community event. 

To all our amazing sponsors, who can be seen below. THANK YOU! Without you we would not be able to host our core volunteer group that make this event possible. This community beach clean up is an annual event that we hope will continue long into the future but without the support of local business it would not be possible. Please get in touch with for more information about becoming a sponsor.


K’gari’s Community Beach Clean Up’s are all about helping to protect this sacred island from the plastic pollution epidemic. This is a community event with one mission, to pay our respects to the island by following the law of her traditional owners, the Butchulla people with the 1st law being; What’s good for the land must come first, and this is what this event is all about. 

Whether you are an island local, regular visitor, tour operator, ranger and just travelling through, you only have to visit K’gari once to know how special this place is and, if you’re an eco warrior like us you will love this event.


So, you have 3 options to get involved with this event.

Option 1. Sign up to volunteer with us and we’ll host you for 3 days on K’gari – Fraser Island. All the food, board and transport is provided free of charge with the help of our amazing sponsors. 

Option 2. If you live on the island or have your own transport and accommodation  we also welcome you to join in and help us clean up K’gari – Fraser Island. Sadly there is limited sponsorship for self-drivers but if you sign up online you will be the first to know if we can help cover some of your barge, permit or fuel costs. 

Option 3. Help sponsor the event. If you can’t make the event in person and want to help make this Beach Clean Up a great success we welcome any donations that we help cover the cost of the barge, vehicle permits and/or fuel. We also gladly accept any donations of resources such as 4WD’s and Trailers. Please get in touch with Mumma Bear to find out how you can help. 


The bulk of the action will happen on the Saturday, from 10am to 3pm it will be all hands on deck to collect as much rubbish off the island eastern beaches as possible. Maps will be provided and zones allocated to ensure maximum productively for all of our volunteers hours. There will be bags provided and drop off points for all waste collected by the community. It will then be the soul responsibility of the core 60 volunteers to collect all the bulk waste and sort it into recyclables and landfill. As there are no recycling facilities on the island with the help of Ocean Crusaders and Surfrider Foundation we have committed to brining it off the island to the mainland so it can be repurposed. 


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you don’t have to attend an event to do you bit! 

Follow us on Insta for tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle everyday items. You can also take a rubbish bag with you when you go to the beach and pick up any bits you find, get your family involved and make a day of it, quit using single use plastics, buy reusable products like keepcups, water bottles and bamboo straws. Every little helps 🙂