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We’re guessing you might have seen our retro #consciousvan aka Connie cruisin’ around town or maybe stumbled across a flyer (printed on recycled and recyclable paper my we add) and thought you just had to see what these bears are up to. Well, welcome my friend and it’s an absolute pleasure to show you around. 

Michelle is currently on a nation wide trip exploring Australia’s most pristine, sustainable and indigenous experiences. Why, because we are launching a travel company like no other. 

Whether you are down for 4×4 wheel driving our beloved K’gari Fraser Island? Riding the waves and getting down with the surfy vibes in Byron? Or are longing for a true indigenous experience that brings you closer to nature? Let us help guide you around our amazing Australia. We’re here to set you up with your very own conscious travel guide by spilling the beans on travel tips and tricks and offering you exclusive deals on some epic Aussie adventures.

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Meet Drop Bear Adventure’s founders, Hana and Mark


Mark aka PAPA BEAR

Mark is as Aussie as they come mate, not quite full bogan but pretty close. He loves a beer on the beach, camping in the bush and spinning a yarn around the camp fire. Mark is the OG of this company, a legend of a tour guide and an all round stand up bloke.

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Hana aka MUMA BEAR

A born Aussie but baked brit this girl has one hell of a story to tell. The queen of organisation and getting shit done, Han is the chick you call when you have a crisis. As kind as she is hard working, this beast of a women knows her stuff. 

Enough blowing of our own trumpet, what do people say about us…


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