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Do you have a listing with HERO? This team of literal Hero’s have been busy with a couple of lockdown projects, one of which is powering this site. It’s a game changer that allows customers to book trips through our website that drop straight into all these compatible booking systems. We could not be more excited to launch this, it’s the most exciting shopping cart on the internet!

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We need outstandingly fabulous content! One of the things that has always set Drop Bear Adventures apart is our brand authenticity. It’s real, it’s fun and above all it’s bloody unique. Michelle, our exceptionally talented content creator is on a mission. Michelle will be road tripping around Australia for the next 6+ months capturing the magical moments that inspire people to travel to our stunning destinations. 

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Invest in this mission. Whilst we will do most of the leg work we are nothing without the support of our Bear Business Buddies. It’s as easy as tagging us in every post, using our #dropbear hashtag, telling us what’s new with you and working with us to create great content that will showcase you and your incredible experiences.  

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And last but not least, what does it mean to have a Mumma Bear in your corner. If you know me you will know just how passionate I am about amazing travel experiences, sustainability and small business. I have built an award winning K’gari Fraser island 4WD tour company, founded the community beach clean ups on K’gari and volunteered by time with Adventure Queensland for more than 7 years in support of the industry so trust me when I say, you got me babe. 

This is a project I have felt fanatical about creating for over a decade. Now equipped with the software I need to make it happen, Michelle’s creative talents and a growing appetite for change after the battle of the last couple years I think now is just the right time to shake some shit up. 

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