Fraser Island 4WD Camping Adventure


Beach 4WD Tours to Fraser Island & Cooloola’s Great Sandy Region 

The spectacular Great Sandy National Park has so much to offer our international travellers, and even more to offer all year round to our locals. Known as K’gari to her devoted lovers, but more commonly known as Fraser Island to those just passing through a visit to this island is must for anyone’s bucket list.

Our 3 day tours to Fraser Island capture the essence of our passion and deep respect for the culture and natural environment we live amongst. We take great care in minimising our impact on the island fragile eco system and take great pride in delivering a small personal tour that we hope will  leave you feeling inspired.

Our 4WD Fraser Island tours are one of the most well known in Australia for providing a true adventure experience for people seeking an more than just a typical guided Fraser Island tour. Ensure a truly memorable and authentic adventure tour and book with Drop Bear.

All our tours are all inclusive of National Park fees, camping equipment or Beach Camp accommodation, vehicles, insurance and tasty meals. Team Drop Bear truly look after you, owner operated, small group tours, 4×4 car hire and a range of package deals. Our tours have been designed with you in mind so book online today or give our friendly team a call!

A little about us…

Let me tell you about us Drop Bears,

Dropbear Adventures was inspired by my lifelong passion for exploring an island I am now lucky enough to call my home. My earliest and most fondest memories are of trucking to the island in dad’s old 69 model Toyota for our family holidays. Its these happy memories that inspired me start our little company and a create our 3 Day Beach 4WD Safari’s. Nowadays I spend my time sharing my adventures with an awesome team of dedicated Drop Bear’s and lots of beautiful people from all over the world.
With over 500,000 people visiting the area each year, Fraser Island is hugely popular. Our aim as a company is to have as little human impact as possible and do our best to help preserve this magical place for many more to see. Let our eco-friendly camping and ‘glamping’ tours help you escape to another world whilst we share some of the most gorgeous places in the world with you on our culture adventure.
My family of Drop Bear’s have been head hunted for being so dam awesome but they are equally as enthusiastic and appreciative of this captivating island as me and I assure you they are dedicated Drop Bear’s. Together we have created a cultural and exciting 4WD island adventure and hope that beautiful people like you will continue to love sharing our adventures. 
Mark aka Popa Bear 

Don’t have time to go to Fraser Island?

So you’ll notice that we don’t offer anything less than a 3 day tour to Fraser Island that because we believe spending any less than 3 days on the island does not do it justice. The Cooloola National Park however is just a stone’s throw away from Noosa and encompasses two of Australia’s most iconic beaches. Teewah and Rainbow Beach boast some of the largest and oldest coastal sand dune systems in the world, showcasing 26 different colours of sand.

Our guided day tours are a great way to experience local life on the Sunshine Coast, with a packed itinerary including the Light House, Double Island Point, Red Canyon and the coloured sand.

Enjoy a walk to the top of the Light House to look out for whales, turtles, manta rays, sharks and plenty more, swim in Rainbow Beach Lagoon and sand board down the dunes.