Team Drop Bear is a bunch of green-hearted and fun-loving adventurers that are absolutely addicted to creating amazing experiences for planet wonderers just like you. Look, we know that there are plenty of Fraser Island tours on offer, and understand that it can be very hard to choose just one… but we’re hoping that now you’ve discovered our little beauty of a tour company that we can help make your decision a whole lot easier for you.  and if our tour isn’t the best fit for you we’ll even recommend another because all we want if for you to have an amazing time on K’gari- Fraser Island.

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Mark aka Poppa Bear

It is our pure pleasure to introduce you to Poppa B, the legend who started our epic Drop Bear family. He’s the God Father of Tour Guides in our eyes and his pure skillz still manage to blow our minds. This is why he is our Captain, the man we follow through everything. Often heard on his didgeridoo, or strumming a tune on his guitar, we bloody love our Mark. His tall tales could make you swear that Drop Bear’s are real but we know it’s just his funny spiel. He’s a top Aussie bloke is this fella, he’s a great boss to work for, that’s for bloom’in sure!

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Hana aka Mumma Bear
creative director

What can we say about our bear Mumma, a Welshy that found herself on K’gari.  You won’t find anyone more passionate and committed than our Hana, she’s our eco warrior. A super hard worker, sometimes spending days glued to her computer, how she does it, we don’t know but she gets the job done and always has a go. Heading up our Community Beach Cleans Ups and trailblazing us to carbon neutrality, we are so proud to be on this journey with such a her as she pushes us to achieve more for our own backyard!
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Tour Guide

If you have read any of our rave reviews, you’ve seen that Troy is mentioned in more than just a few. He’ll blow your mind with his kick-ass nack for remembering everyone’s names by lunch on the first day. Full of stories, he’s travelled the world but K’gari will always be his first island love.

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Tour Guide

What can we say about our Cory, he loves to get up very early in the morning, some say for a nudie run, but no one has ever seen the myth of his lily white bum. A music man with pure rhythm and style, he’s been tour guiding on K’gari for a very long time and one thing is for sure, you’ll never see him without a smile.

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Tour Guide

Not long out of his training wheels Jaden is proving he has all the skills. He’s shaping up to be another one of our legendary guides, mastering the skill of reading the tides in no time at all, he’s just having a ball. A total knock out of the didgeridoo, and great at finding bush tucker too, his roots to country run deep, he’ll share stories with you to keep.  

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Tour Guide

Cheeky chappy Luke is quite the duke, once the new kiddie on the block, his tour guiding skills absolutely rock! Not to mention his skills in the kitchen, and the fact that he’s always willing to pitch in. Let’s get straight to the point, a tour with Luke certainly won’t disappoint, especially as his steak cooking skills are always on point! He’ll have you laughing all the way, and totally knackered at the end of the day. 

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Customer Service Manager

Where would be without our Lozza, nowhere fast let us tell ya. She is the backbone of our reservations, helping people from all nations. She is a wizard on the computer and gets the perfect snaps when little Mac dog looks up at her all cute. Representing the girlies at Drop Bear HQ, surrounded by lads she gets her hands dirty too. Super good looking, you’ll probably talk to Lauren when you call to make a booking Http Cliparts A 6 6 7 Clipart Winky Girl Smiley Emoticon 512x512 A667

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operations manager

I just don’t know where we would be without our Simon, even just for his impeccable timing. A man who wears many hats until Linda told him not to, in the business, always stressing to make sure there is nothing he is missing. When it comes to operational logistics, this fella is the best in the industry, an international man of mystery he always straight into action. Anytime there’s a drama this is the fella you want beside ya.

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Logistics Manager

Let us introduce you to Greg, who is nothing short of a legend! He’s the man that picks you up in the courtesy bus in the morning and the fella that makes sure your car is sparkling and gleaming. With a lengthy to-do list which nothing can be missed, Greg is always very busy keeping things ticking along precisely. He’s our man that packs the food and all your luggage too. We love our Greg especially when he’s dancing after a beer or two.

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The Mechanic

We are a big fan of Dan, after all, if he can’t fix it no one can. If he wasn’t for this man, you’d be walking to Fraser Island, as he keeps our beloved fleet in tip-top condition. You could say it’s his only bear mission. He’s the mechanical captain of our epic Drop Bear ship, working closely with Simon to make sure she doesn’t sink.



On a magical island far far away, lives a beautiful human who’s here to stay. A long time member of Team Drop Bear, Sophie sprinkles her magic everywhere. With her kind heart and infectious energy she has created quite the legacy. A massive muso at heart, Sophie loves singing along in full, or part, humming away as she works, if your quick you might even see her bust out the odd twerk. She’s a top lass is our Soph, she’s some women for one women hey, the hostess of the mostess! She’s never shy of a challenge and wow can this girl can manage. From festival event manager, to national park ranger, to now full time adventurer, what can we say, we bloody love her! 

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