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Due to the nature of our group 4WD tours, the current health crisis and because we want to do everything we can to keep our communities safe; our tours have been put on hold for a little while.

If you are keen to get to the island before we bears come out of our winter hibernation you can still come stay with us at our Beachcamp Eco Retreat. We hire cars from Noosa and have partners in Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay that can also help you. 

Life hasn’t changed much on K’gari, if anything this pandemic has given nature the breather it needed from us explorers. It is as dreamlike as ever and we are as grateful as ever, that this magical place is our backyard.

If you would like to book a group tour experience, we are still here to help and would love to show you around. Simply fill out a Tailored Tours booking form and we will tailor the perfect tour to suit you.

If you are travelling solo or in a group size smaller than 6 people check out our fabulous 4WD, Accommodation and Audio Guide packages with our sister company, the Beachcamp Eco Retreat where your host for tonight is none other than Mumma and Poppa Bear.

If you are researching your holidays in advance, lock in a trip that will excite the pants off you and give you something epic to look forward to. Let us assure you that you will receive a 100% guaranteed refund if you are unable to make your travels for any corona reason and you only have to put a $50 refundable deposit down. Stay safe!