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Our pick of the Best Accommodation in Hervey Bay

accommodation in hervey bay before fraser island

If you’re planning a trip to Fraser Island – and you really should be – the chances are you’ll be visiting Hervey Bay. This tropical little town is, alongside Noosa, one of the main hubs for tours to Fraser Island. But Hervey Bay isn’t just a transport hub, between July and November it’s also one […]

Where is Fraser Island? & What to See Along the Way

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Almost every traveller to Australia will have heard of the largest sand island in the world. A wild island full of pristine lakes, unique wildlife and beaches for roads. But you may well be asking, where is Fraser Island? Followed swiftly by, crikey that’s a long way! what is there to see along the way? […]

Top Fraser Island Accommodation for Budget Travellers

Fraser Island Accommodation

When it comes to travelling on a budget, it (literally) pays to plan ahead. Hoping to turn up and stumble across bargain digs at the drop of a hat is both risky and unnecessary. Trying that on an island and your chances of landing somewhere plummets even further.  Fraser Island is such a popular stop […]

How the Fraser Island Dingo went from Fearsome to Loveable

fraser island dingo

Synonymous with Fraser Island and Australia as a whole, the humble Fraser Island Dingo (Wongari) has had its fair share of bad press in the past. Probably the best known example of this was their implication in the disappearance of Azaria Chamberlain, the baby daughter of Lindy and Michael Chamberlain, who disappeared in the Northern […]