Sleep under the stars at our exclusive, unique and private campsite situated just behind the foredunes of 75 mile beach. Created by our beloved Poppa Bear and his awesome bushman skills, our epic Wilderness Camp is one of a kind. 

Pre set up for your arrival, the wilderness camp is fully equipped with all you need for a cosy night (or two) sleep under the Milkyway. With comfort and non campers in mind, our 3 man Safari style tents sleep a maximum of 2 people and include off the ground single camp beds, foam mattresses, sleeping bags, top sheets, pillow and pillow cases and are all provided within the cost of your ticket. There are also two hot showers, a flushing toilet and our camp kitchen where your delicious breakfasts and dinners will be cooked for you by our awesome island team. 

Enjoy our comfortable seating area as you sip on a beer or two after an adventurous day exploring K’gari. We have giant Jenga, playing cards, guitars and didjeridoo’s for you to try your hand at before it’s story time with our authentic Australian tour guide then star gazing beneath the Milkyway. Wake up to the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean, feel K’gari’s magical energy and get yourself ready for another day exploring paradise. 

If you’re still not convinced about camping then check out the upgrade option (subject to availability) in our King Size Dome tents that are fit for both a King & Queen. With an actual double bed, all hotel linens, bed side tables, fairy lights and outside awning, this is the perfect option for those wanting that little bit more luxury. 

Having our 3 day tours camping on the beach has allowed us to reach our target of being Carbon Neutral by 2020! A super important aim for Team Drop Bear as we continue to do our bit for the planet in every way possible! 

If you have any concerns regarding camping then please give the team a ring and they will be happy to help and reassure. 

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