Our 2 Day/1Night Great Lakes Adventure provides you with the most magical 2 days you could possibly spend on K’gari – Fraser Island. 

Our tours are unforgettable for all the right reasons because sharing such an amazing place with wanderers like you is what we love to do and luckily for us, we’re pretty good at it. As equally important to us as great customer service is respecting the land and it’s traditional owners. A lot of the magic that we share with you on tour comes from the teachings of our First Nations People and it is our honour to be able to share it with you.

Travelling in Drop Bear style gives you more than just a packed adventure, this tour is designed to show you as much of this paradise island as is possible without feeling rushed. We set a relaxed pace whilst guiding you around the very best of this diversely unique island. We also totally look after you and provide everything you need during your stay with us. 


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So much of what makes a tour great comes from the guide and we make sure that our lads are a cut above the rest… after all, they are upholding the legacy of Mumma and Poppa Bear themselves. When you travel with us you won’t hear some boring rehearsed script, oh no. You’ll hear true understanding, passion and excitement to share our abundance of knowledge.

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Wake up to the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean at our Wilderness Camp, situated just behind the foredunes of 75 Mile Beach. Created by our Poppa Bear and his handyman skills, our campsite is fully equipped with comfort in mind and includes all the essentials like a toilet, 2 x hot showers and a camp kitchen that provides your breakfast and dinner. Sleeping under the stars has never been better. 

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Our 3 Man Safari Tents sleep just 2 people max to ensure a comfy night sleep. Each tent has single off the ground camp beds, foam camp mattresses, sleeping bags, single sheet, pillow & pillow case 🙂 

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Upgrade to one of our new King Size dome tents for an additional $80. Put together by Mumma Bear, this upgrade option is perfect for those wanting a bit more luxury whilst still feeling immersed in Mother Nature. Includes a double bed, with hotel linens and fairy lights. 


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Our menu is catered to keep you full and satisfied throughout your tour with us! A fresh deli lunch is lovingly prepared for you each day as well as an authentic Aussie BBQ on your first night. Not forgetting the most important meal of the day, brekky is eggs, toast, cereals, fresh fruit and hot drinks prepared for you on your second day of adventures. Not to worry, we cater for all dietary requirements too.

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If our experience has taught us anything it’s that Toyota Landcruisers are the best!  With a fleet of these beasty trucks, we are confident in saying that our 4WD’s are some of the easiest to drive off road. With an automatic transmission and in constant 4WD you can let your hair down and have some fun as you cruise along the beach in one of our Drop Bear Landcruisers.

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You can see our full terms and conditions here. Though 4WDriving on a guided tour is very safe, it is important to understand that you are embarking on a true Aussie adventure.

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Some cheeky companies can charge you up to $30 a day for ‘national park fees’ or ‘local charges’ but not us. Everything is included in our tours so you can rest assured that you are most certainly not going to be stung for any extra’s.

Luggage Storage

Join the tour in Noosa and end in Rainbow Beach, or vice versa! A great option to cut out that bus journey in between destinations. Your luggage will also be transferred for free from your starting point and come up to the island with you so you have it at your end destination. Please note, it is not always easily accessible so you still need to pack a smaller bag with all the essentials. 


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One of the few lakes still known as her Aboriginal name, Lake Birrabeen is a very sacred and special place on Fraser Island and is believed to have healing powers. A local’s favourite and just as beautiful as Lake McKenzie, Birrabeen’s clear waters and silica sands will have you dazzled. A more peaceful spot to enjoy and switch off at.

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This beautiful, tea-tree infused lake is the largest lake on the island but also the most shallow. You can walk out to the middle of the lake and it’ll still only be waist deep! The natural tea-tree water is so good for your skin and hair, especially after an exfoliate with the silica sand from Lake Birrabeen!

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The Maheno shipwreck was finally laid to rest on K’gari shoreline in 1936 when it was struck by an off-season cyclone. Originally it was a luxury cruise liner before being used as target practice for Air Force in WW2. Locals say that within 10 years the wreck will be gone due to it slowly sinking further into the sand.

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Eli Creek is the perfect spot to cool down on a hot day! Being the largest freshwater creek on the island, it pours up to four million litres of clear, fresh water into the ocean every hour. The perfect place to fill up your water bottles. Just remember to do it upstream…

Drop Bear Adventures Fraser Island

There’s a lot of stories behind the formation of the Pinnacles. Whether you believe in Dream Time Legends or scientific theories, we will share the stories and facts with you so you can make your own mind up. Either way, this breathtaking natural wonder is an amazing example of nature at it’s finest.

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Two of the island’s most beautiful tea-tree lakes. One home to freshwater turtles, the other known for its perfect mirror reflection. Lake Allom & Lake Garawongera are two of the island’s more hidden wonders that we just love to share with you.

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There’s no better highway than 75 Mile Beach! Driving alongside the immense Pacific Ocean, the stunning views will capture your heart and stay with you forever. Drive past some of the oldest coastal sand dune formations in the world whilst singing along to your favourite tunes!

Drop Bear Adventures Fraser Island

By starting or ending your tour in Noosa you get the chance to take the scenic drive down Rainbow Beach, past the beautiful coloured sands. This drive is only available on a low tide and is subject to weather conditions. Otherwise, you get to drive through the beautiful Cooloola National Park which usually involves seeing a few Kangaroos!

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No tour can be complete without some authentic activities! Whether it’s learning to throw a boomerang on 75 Mile Beach or playing the Didgeridoo after dinner, we’ve got you covered for a fun-filled time. Our tour guides will share with you the Dreamtime stories, take you star-gazing or just sit back and enjoy a cold beer with you after a fun day exploring.